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"What Products And Services Does An Entertainment Lawyer Offer?" Towards A Comprehensive List Of All Entertainment Industry Contracts - Written By New York Entertainment Attorney John J. Tormey III, Esq.

© John J. Tormey III, PLLC. All Rights Reserved.

This article is not intended to constitute, and does not constitute, legal advice with respect to your particular situation and fact pattern. Do secure counsel promptly, if you see any legal issue looming on the horizon which may affect your career or your rights. What applies in one context, may not apply to the next one. Make sure that you seek individualized legal advice as to any important matter pertaining to your career or your rights generally.

After entering my fourth decade in the practice of entertainment law as a New York media, arts, and entertainment attorney, I decided to compile and publish the following list of entertainment industry contracts. If you, the reader, need any assistance in the drafting, re-drafting, editing, negotiation, closure, or other handling of any of these entertainment contracts, then you are welcome to contact me, Attorney John J. Tormey III, Esq., at:
(212) 410-4142

All matters are handled by me, personally. I am admitted to practice law in New York, California, and the District of Columbia. Artist and entertainment matters originating from all seven continents of the world, including Antarctica, have presented themselves to my New York law practice.

My branch of the Tormey family has an eight-decade history in the entertainment business. My roots are in New York and Los Angeles. Five successive generations of my family have lived in or near the Yorkville neighborhood of the Upper East Side of Manhattan, in New York City. My father is an actor who worked as a child performer since the 1940's. Dad appeared on the Broadway stage by the 1960's, although he is now best-known for co-starring opposite Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker in Jim Jarmusch's film titled "Ghost Dog" (1999).

I grew up in midtown Manhattan and on tour with my father, and my mother, an actress and model, as of the 1960's, particularly with musical theatre, regional theatre, and summer stock productions. I worked lighting and tech for a number of these shows. I still assist my rock musician friends on tour, as a roadie, to this day. Growing up, my midtown neighbors included Walt Frazier, Jack Dempsey, Ken Boswell, Rusty Staub, Dave Marshall, and Jim Fregosi. My baseball camp coaches included Dick Howser, and my baseball camp teammates included Todd Stottlemyre.

I worked as a rock musician from the 1970's through the 1990's, as a guitarist and vocalist. I played in a band in high school, at Collegiate School on Manhattan's West Side, with John ("Jojo") Hermann, now keyboardist for "Widespread Panic". I played in a band in college, at Harvard University, with Tom Morello, formerly of "Rage Against The Machine" and "Audioslave", and now leader of "Prophets of Rage".

My whole life has been spent in entertainment, sports, media, and the arts generally, in association with many performers and companies in those fields. After attending what is considered by many to be the best entertainment law school, UCLA School of Law, I commenced the practice of entertainment law in 1987. Starting at Pryor, Cashman, Sherman & Flynn, I took successive positions as Counsel to The Walt Disney Company, and Senior Counsel and Senior Litigation Counsel to Miramax Films.

Recently I had occasion to carefully reflect upon the thousands of entertainment matters which I have handled since 1987. Those new to the entertainment industry, and even some with experience in the industry, sometimes wonder or ask, "What does an entertainment lawyer actually DO?". The answer generally breaks down into four separate categories of work:
(1) litigation;
(2) contracts; or "transactional and advisory work";
(3) creating companies and ventures; or "entity-creation"; and
(4) efforts to place artistic and literary material with professional entertainment industry recipients; or "project placement work".

I started my practice as a litigator back in 1987. I now principally handle categories (2), (3), and (4): that is, contracts, entity-creation, and project placement work.

Other lists of entertainment contracts appear on the Internet, and in print. The problem is that most of these lists are incomplete. Moreover, many of these lists are propagated by low-rent self-proclaimed forms-clearinghouses which actually disclaim all legal sanctity of their boilerplate. Therefore, in response, I have set out to draft the following all-inclusive list of entertainment contracts that can be handled by an entertainment professional. This list currently runs at almost 40 pages in length, and took me about one month to compile, in its first incarnation. The listed documents are those which I am unafraid to draft or otherwise handle for a client, and unafraid to stand behind once drafted or edited. The majority of these listed entertainment industry documents, I have witnessed in and through my own professional experience since 1987 and even prior.

You will note that, where appropriate, there is some overlap between the multiple items on the exhaustive list of entertainment contracts below. This is unavoidable, since different people and different companies often use different nomenclature to connote the self-same thing. As but one example, some always spell out the word "television", whereas others only use the abbreviation or acronym "TV". Accordingly, I list both permutations of document-title, so that those digitally-searching "TV" alone will not miss the listings. Additionally, you will note that a few of the entries may not be "contracts" per se, but other types of documents essential to the entertainment industry. My objective in marshalling, building, and compiling the below list of entertainment contracts, is to create an organic reference document for people and future generations to digitally-search and use. Naturally no use or re-publication of this list in toto or in substantial part, is expected without permission.

As this list of entertainment contracts is used and reviewed, and as technology continues to evolve, a number of items in the list will become obsolete, and other items will need to be added. At times, the types of entertainment contracts and documents, and their headings and captions, seem to be only limited by people’s imaginations – and entertainment is principally a business rooted in the human imagination, after all. As an overall matter, I expect this list to expand over time. If, after reviewing this below list of entertainment contracts, you feel strongly that certain items should be added or even deleted from this list, then I would be happy to hear from you, and I will consider modifying this comprehensive list accordingly. I can be reached at:
John J. Tormey III, PLLC
The Law Office of John J. Tormey III, Esq.
(212) 410-4142

The list of entertainment contracts follows:
360 agreements
360 music agreements
3-D model agreements
3-D model construction agreements
A and R agreements
A and R executive employment agreements
A and R staff agreements
A and R submission agreements
A&R agreements
A&R executive employment agreements
A&R staff agreements
A&R submission agreements
A.D. agreements
A.D. services agreements
above-the-line personnel agreements
accounting services agreements
accredited investor agreements
acquisition agreements
acquisition of literary material agreements
acquisition/distribution agreements
acquisitions agreements
acquisitions and development agreements
acquisitions and development employment agreements
acrobat services agreements
acting agreements
acting services agreements
actor agreements
actor employment agreements
actor employment holding agreements
actor holding agreements
actor/actress agreements
actor/actress employment holding agreements
actor/actress holding agreements
actor/sctress employment agreements
Actors' Equity Association agreements
ad agency agreements
ad agency services agreements
adaptation agreements
additional insured agreements
administration agreements
advertising agency agreements
advertising agency services agreements
advertising agreements
advertising credit agreements
advertising purchase agreements
advertising rental agreements
advertising services agreements
advertising trade agreements
AEA agreements
aerial acrobat entertainment performer agreements
aerial photography agreements
affiliate agreements
AFofM agreements
AFTRA agreements (now, "SAG/AFTRA")
agency agreements
agency and management agreements
agency services agreements
agent agreements
album art agreements
album art services agreements
album artwork agreements
album artwork services agreements
album distribution agreements
album distribution rights agreements
allied rights agreements
amateur theatre agreements
American Federation of Musicians agreements
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists agreements (now, "SAG/AFTRA")
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers agreements
ancillary distribution agreements
ancillary rights agreements
animation agreements
animation editing agreements
animation production agreements
animation production services agreements
animation services agreements
animator agreements
animator employment agreements
animator services agreements
anti-dilution agreements
app agreements
app developer agreements
application agreements
application developer agreements
application service provider agreements
arbitration agreements
archive agreements
archives agreements
arrangement agreements
arrangement services agreements
arranger agreements
arranger services agreements
art agreements
art exhibition agreements
art gallery agreements
art gallery installation agreements
art installation agreements
art services agreements
artist & repertoire agreements
artist agreements
artist and repertoire agreements
artist collaboration agreements
artist consignment for exhibition agreements
artist consignment for solo exhibition agreements
artist development agreements
artist management agreements
artist promotion agreements
artist/gallery agreements
artist/producer agreements
artistic services agreements
artists & repertoire agreements
artists and repertoire agreements
artwork consignment agreements
artwork delivery agreements
artwork exhibition agreements
artwork sales agreements
artwork shipping agreements
artwork storage agreements
ASCAP agreements
assent and guaranty of minor artist agreements
asset-purchase agreements
assigned materials agreements
assignment agreements
assignment and quitclaim of copyright agreements
assistant director agreements
assistant director services agreements
assumption agreements
attachment letters
attractions agreements
auction agreements
auction house agreements
auction site agreements
auction website agreements
audio engineering agreements
audiobook agreements
audiotaping agreements
audiovisual agreements
audiovisual recording agreements
audit agreements
author appearance agreements
author booksigning agreements
authorization to reproduce likeness and voice agreements
autograph appearance agreements
autograph collection agreements
awards ceremony agreements
awards show agreements
back-end agreements
back-end compensation agreements
background actor agreements
background actor release agreements
ballet agreements
band agreements
band dissolution agreements
band member agreements
band partnership agreements
baseball agreements
Basic Agreements
basic cable agreements
basic cable television agreements
basketball agreements
beauty contest agreements
beauty contest rules agreements
beauty contestant agreements
below-the-line agreements
below-the-line personnel agreements
best boy agreements
best boy electric agreements
best boy grip agreements
bilateral non-disclosure agreements
bill of sale agreements
billboard purchase agreements
billboard rental agreements
billing and credit agreements
BMI agreements
bonding agreements
book authorship agreements
book club agreements
book editor agreements
book packager agreements
book printing agreements
book promotion agreements
book proposal agreements
book publishing agreements
book reprint agreements
booking agent agreements
booking agent commission agreements
book-signing agreements
bounceback merchandising agreements
branding agreements
broadcast affiliate agreements
broadcast agreements
broadcast license agreements
Broadcast Music International agreements
broadcast rights agreements
broadcaster agreements
broadcasting agreements
Broadway agreements
Broadway theatre agreements
Broadway theatrical agreements
B-Roll agreements
business entity agreements
business manager agreements
business purchase and sale agreements
buy-out agreements
cable agreements
cable network affiliate agreements
cable network agreements
cable television agreements
cable television network affiliate agreements
cable television network agreements
cable TV agreements
cable TV network affiliate agreements
cable TV network agreements
camera operator agreements
camera operator services agreements
cameraman agreements
cameraman services agreements
carnival performer agreements
cartographer agreements
cartoon agreements
cartoon illustration agreements
cash-out agreements
cast album agreements
cast album distribution agreements
cast album recording agreements
cast member agreements
casting agent agreements
casting agreements
casting director agreements
catalogue sales agreements
CD compilation agreements
CD distribution agreements
CD shopping agreements
CD-ROM agreements
CD-ROM license agreements
cease & desist letters
celebrity contact agreements
certificates of authorship
certificates of authorship and services agreements for creative personnel
certificates of engagement
certificates of origin
certificates of recordation
certificates of results and proceeds
certifications of compliance
CESAC agreements
chain of title review
chamber music agreements
character merchandise agreements
character rights agreements
children’s book agreements
choreographer agreements
choreographer services agreements
circus performer agreements
classical music agreements
clearance agreements
client/agency entry agreements
clip rights agreements
close-captioning agreements
clown services agreements
co-development/production agreements
collaboration agreements
collateral rights agreements
collectibles agreements
collection agent agreements
collections agreements
collective bargaining agreements
comedian services agreements
comedian talent agreements
comedy performance agreements
comedy performance booking agreements
comic services agremeents
comic talent agreements
commercial agreements
commercial general services agreements
commercial jingle agreements
commercial jingle license agreements
commercial services agreements
commercial tie-up agreements
commission agreements
commissioned artwork agreements
commissioned rep agreements
commissioned representative agreements
commissioned work agreements
community broadcast television agreements
community broadcasting agreements
compact disc distribution agreements
compact disc production agreements
compact disc shopping agreements
compensation agreements
completion bond agreements
completion guarantee agreements
completion guaranty agreements
composer agreements
composer services agreements
composition agreements
computer agreements
computer installation agreements
computer system agreements
computer system installation agreements
computer system maintenance agreements
computer system procurement agreements
computer system procurement and maintenance agreements
concert footage agreements
conducting agreements
conducting services agreements
confidentiality agreements
consignment agreements
consultant agreements
consultant services agreements
consultation agreements
consultation rights agreements
consulting agreements
consulting services agreements
consumer products agreements
consumer products license agreements
content agreements
content license agreements
content output agreements
contest agreements
contestant agreements
contestant application agreements
contingent compensation agreements
continuing guarantee agreements
continuing guaranty agreements
contortionist service agreements
contractor work-product agreements
contributor agreements
controlled composition agreements
co-ownership agreements
coproduction agreements
co-production agreements
copublishing agreements
co-publishing agreements
copyright administration agreements
copyright agreements
copyright license agreements
copyright mortgage agreements
copyright registrations
copyright renewal agreements
copyright security agreements
copyright withdrawal agreements
corporate acquisition agreements
corporate agreements
corporate due diligence agreements
corporate guarantee agreements
corporate guaranty agreements
corporation agreements
corporations agreements
co-songwriter agreements
co-songwriter split agreements
costume agreements
costume designer agreements
costume purchase agreements
costume rental agreements
covenants not to sue
coventure agreements
co-venture agreements
cover recording agreements
co-writer agreements
craft services agreements
creative control agreements
credit agreements
crew deal agreements
crowd release agreements
cruise ship agreements
cruise ship performance agreements
cruise ship services agreements
cruise ship talent agreements
currency conversion agreements
D.J. agreements
D.J. services agreements
dance agreements
dance instructor agreements
dance performer agreements
data-collection agreements
DBS agreements
debt instruments
deferment agreements
deferral agreements
deferred comp agreements
deferred compensation agreements
deferred pay agreements
delivery schedules
demo agreements
demo deal agreements
demo placement agreements
demo recording agreements
demo shopping agreements
demo submission agreements
demo-shopping agreements
demo-submission agreements
depiction agreements
depiction release agreements
depiction-of-likeness agreements
depiction-of-likeness release agreements
derivative rights agreements
derivative work agreements
design agreements
design commission agreements
design services agreements
development agreements
DGA agreements
digital ad-supported video-on-demand agreements
digital audio agreements
digital distribution agreements
digital downloading agreements
digital free-on-demand agreements
digital license agreements
digital performance royalty agreements
digital rights agreements
digital rights publishing agreements
digital royalty agreements
digital subscription video-on-demand agreements
digital video agreements
digital video-on-demand agreements
dinner theatre agreements
direct marketing agreements
direct marketing sales agreements
direct-broadcast agreements
directing agreements
directing services agreements
director agreements
director employment agreements
director of photography agreements
director of photography services agreements
director/writer agreements
Directors Guild of America agreements
disclosure agreements
display agreements
dissolution agreements
distribution agreements
distribution and sales agreements
distribution fee agreements
DJ agreements
DJ services agreements
documentary agreements
documentary film agreements
documentary motion picture agreements
dolly grip agreements
downloading agreements
DP agreements
DP services agreements
dramatist agreements
Dramatist Guild agreements
Dramatist Guild merger definition agreements
dramaturg agreements
drum tracks agreements
dubbing agreements
due diligence agreements
DVD agreements
DVD design services agreements
DVD distribution agreements
DVD manufacture agreements
DVD production agreements
E&O agreements
E&O insurance agreements
E&O insurance applications
ecommerce agreements
e-commerce agreements
editing agreements
editing services agreements
editor agreements
editorial board agreements
editorial services agreements
electronic billboard agreements
electronic billboard rental agreements
electronic mail agreements
electronic press kit agreements
electronic publishing agreements
electronic rights agreements
eligibility agreements
email agreements
e-mail agreements
email list agreements
e-mail list agreements
e-mail promotional agreements
employee agreements
employee exit agreements
employee severance agreements
employee stock option agreements
employment agreements
employment exit agreements
employment severance agreements
employment termination agreements
entertainment agreements
entity-formation agreements
entry-form agreements
EP agreements
EPK agreements
equipment lease agreements
equity agreements
Equity agreements
errors & omissions agreements
errors & omissions insurance agreements
escrow agreements
exclusive artist agreements
exclusive license agreements
exclusive management agreements
exclusive management representation agreements
exclusive news story agreements
exclusive production agreements
exclusive recording artist agreements
exclusive representation agreements
exclusive talent management agreements
exclusive talent management representation agreements
exclusivity agreements
executive compensation agreements
executive producer agreements
executive producer compensation agreements
executive producer credit agreements
executive producer fee agreements
exempt personnel deal memo agreements
Exhibit "GRP"
Exhibit "NP"
Exhibit "T" (Turnaround)
Exhibit GRP
Exhibit NP
Exhibit T (Turnaround)
exhibition agreements
exhibition of artwork agreements
exhibition take-down agreements
exhibitor collections agreements
exhibitor payment agreements
exhibitor payment promissory note agreements
experimental film agreements
experimental film performer agreements
experimental theatre agreements
experimental theatre performer agreements
extra agreements
extras agreements
fan club agreements
fashion agreements
fashion design agreements
fashion distribution agreements
fee agreements
festival agreements
festival booking agreements
fictionalization agreements
film acquisition agreements
film agreements
film composing agreements
film crew agreements
film distribution agreements
film exhibition agreements
film festival acquisition agreements
film festival agreements
film finance agreements
film financing agreements
film financing services agreements
film finders fee agreements
film library agreements
film option agreements
film producer agreements
film producer representation agreements
film production agreements
film publicist agreements
film publicity agreements
film stills agreements
film stills license agreements
film studio contacts
film unit photography agreements
film unit publicist agreements
film/photography agreements
final cut agreements
financing agreements
financing/distribution agreements
finder commission agreements
finders fee agreements
finders fee commission agreements
fine art agreements
first assistant cameraperson agreements
first assistant director agreements
first assistant gaffer agreements
first look agreements
first negotiation agreements
first negotiation/last refusal agreements
first offer rights agreements
first/last agreements
first-look agreements
fit model agreements
fixed compensation agreements
FOIA requests
folio agreements
footage acquisition agreements
footage agreements
footage licensing agreements
football agreements
foreign pre-sales agreements
foreign translation agreements
foreign translation rights agency agreements
foreign translation rights agreements
foreign-language publication agreements
for-hire arrangement services agreements
for-hire design agreements
for-hire production agreements
for-hire services agreements
Freedom of Information Act requests
fundraising agreements
fund-raising agreements
gaffer agreements
gallery agreements
game show agreements
game show idea agreements
game show rights agreements
ghost writer agreements
governmental filings
grand use agreements
grand use license agreements
graphic arts agreements
greatest hits agreements
greatest hits recording agreements
greatest hits recording distribution agreements
grip agreements
gross profit agreements
gross profits agreements
group artist agreements
group artist rider agreements
group member partnership agreements
group partnership agreements
guest/performer agreements
guest/performer release agreements
guild agreements
guild assumption agreements
H.R. agreements
hand model agency agreements
hand model agent agreements
hand model agreements
hand model management agreements
hand model manager agreements
hand modeling agreements
hardcover book agreements
hardcover book publishing agreements
hardcover book reprint agreements
hardcover book reprint publishing agreements
hardcover publishing agreements
hardcover reprint agreements
hardcover reprint publishing agreements
Harry Fox Agency agreements
hazardous activity agreements
hazardous activity release agreements
HDTV agreements
HDTV broadcast agreements
HDTV broadcast rights agreements
HDTV distribution agreements
hiatus-period agreements
high-definition broadcast agreements
high-definition broadcast rights agreements
hockey agreements
hold harmless agreements
hold-back agreements
holding agreements
holding fee agreements
holding period agreements
home video agreements
home video distribution agreements
home video licensing agreements
home video production agreements
home videogram agreements
home-video agreements
home-video output agreements
hosting agreements
HR work
human resources agreements
I.P. agreements
IATSE agreements
idea disclosure agreements
idea submission agreements
illustration agreements
illustrator agreements
incidental music agreements
incidental rights agreements
indemnification agreements
indemnity agreements
independent contractor agreements
independent contractor confidentiality agreements
independent contractor confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
independent marketing agreements
independent marketing and promotions agreements
independent producer agreements
independent producer motion picture license agreements
independent promotion agreements
independent promotions agreements
independent publicity agreements
independent publicity firm agreements
industrial design agreements
industrial music agreements
industrial music license agreements
industrial music licensing agreements
industrial/educational film agreements
industrial/non-broadcast basic agreements
infomercial agreements
infomercial distribution agreements
infomercial exhibition agreements
infomercial producer agreements
infomercial production agreements
infomercial services agreements
information provider agreements
institutional advertising agreements
instructional video agreements
instrument rental agreements
instruments of transfer
insurance agreements
intellectual property agreements
interactive media agreements
interactive media kiosk agreements
interactive media license agreements
interactive streaming agreements
interior design agreements
intern services agreements
Internet agreements
Internet commerce agreements
Internet downloading agreements
Internet host agreements
Internet hosting agreements
Internet license agreements
Internet service agreements
Internet services agreements
Internet streaming agreements
Internet user agreements
Internet website development agreements
inter-party agreements
interstitial programming agreements
interview agreements
investment agreements
investor agreements
IP agreements
jingle agreements jingle composer agreements
jingle license agreements
jingle producer agreements
jingle production services agreements
jingle services agreements
jingle writer agreements
joint venture agreements
joint venture and co-production agreements
joint venture partnership agreements
key art agreements
key grip agreements
lab access agreements
label agreements
labor agreements
laboratory access agreements
laboratory access letter agreements
laboratory agreements
last refusal agreements
lease agreements
lecture appearance agreements
lecture services agreements
lending agreements
letters of direction
letters of intent
liability disclaimer agreements
libel reading opinions
library agreements
libretto agreements
license agreements
license agreements for music library distribution
licensee audits
licensing agreements
life rights agreements
life story agreements
life story rights acquisition agreements
life story rights agreements
life story rights and consulting services agreements
life story rights consulting agreements
life story rights option agreements
life story rights purchase and consulting agreements
life-story agreements
life-story rights acquisition agreements
life-story rights agreements
life-story rights and consulting services agreements
life-story rights consulting agreements
life-story rights option agreements
life-story rights purchase and consulting agreements
lighting design agreements
lighting designer agreements
lighting designer services agreements
limited liability company agreements
limited license agreements
limited partnership agreements
line producer agreements
line producer services agreements
link agreements
liquidation agreements
list rental agreements
literary agency agreements
literary agency representation agreements
literary agent agreements
literary agent representation agreements
literary purchase agreements
literary purchase option agreements
literary purchase option and acquisition agreements
literary representation agreements
literary rights acquisition agreements
literary rights agreements
live radio agreements
live stage agreements
live stage theatrical agreements
live stage theatrical rights agreements
live stage theatrical rights option and acquisition agreements
live television agreements
LLC agreements
LLC operating agreements
loan and security agreements
loanout agreements
loan-out agreements
location license agreements
location licenses
location manager agreements
location release agreements
long-form agreements
long-form assignment agreements
looping agreements
low-budget film agreements
low-budget theatrical film agreements
low-budget, non-union actor employment agreements
lyricist agreements
lyricist services agreements
lyrics agreements
magazine advertising agreements
magazine agreements
magazine article agreements
magazine article option agreements
mailing-list agreements
make-up artist agreements
management agreements
management fee agreements
management services agreements
manager agreements
manager services agreements
manufacture agreements
manufacturing agreements
manuscript agreements
manuscript submissions
marching band agreements
marching band arrangement agreements
marketing agreements
marketing services agreements
master purchase agreements
master recording agreements
master recording license agreements
master use agreements
master use license agreeements
mastering agreements
matching rights agreements
materials and packages agreements
materials use agreements
mechanical license agreements
mechanical royalty agreements
media agreements
mediation agreements
memorabilia agreements
memoranda of understanding
memorandum option agreements
merchandise agreements
merchandise fulfillment agreements
merchandise fulfillment services agreements
merchandise license agreements
merchandise licensing agreements
merchandising agreements
merger agreements
meteorologist agreements
middle-grade book agreements
miniseries agreements
mini-series agreements
miniseries production agreements
mini-series production agreements
minors employment agreements
mix-engineering services agreements
mixing agreements
mixing and mastering agreements
mix-mastering agreements
model release agreements
modeling agreements
modeling services agreements
modified low-budget agreements
modified low-budget film agreements
modified low-budget theatrical film agreements
mortgages of copyright
most favored nations agreements
motion picture acquisition agreements
motion picture agreements
Motion Picture Association of America agreements
motion picture composing agreements
motion picture crew agreements
motion picture distribution agreements
motion picture downloading agreements
motion picture exhibition agreements
motion picture festival acquisition agreements
motion picture festival agreements
motion picture film festival agreements
motion picture finance agreements
motion picture financing agreements
motion picture financing services agreements
motion picture finders fee agreements
motion picture library agreements
motion picture option agreements
motion picture producer agreements
motion picture producer representation agreements
motion picture production agreements
motion picture production counsel agreements
motion picture publicist agreements
motion picture publicity agreements
motion picture rights agreements
motion picture stills agreements
motion picture stills license agreements
motion picture studio contacts
motion picture synchronization and performance rights license agreements
motion picture unit photography agreements
motion picture unit publicist agreements
motion picture/photography agreements
movie of the week agreements
movie stills agreements
movie stills license agreements
movie studio contacts
MOW agreements
MPAA agreements
multi-media agreements
multi-media design agreements
multimedia publisher agreements
multimedia publishing agreements
museum agreements
museum loan agreements
music A&R agreements
music agreements
music arrangement agreements
music arrangement services agreements
music arranger agreements
music arranger services agreements
music artist & repertoire agreements
music catalogue agreements
music catalogue publishing agreements
music certificate of authorship agreements
music cue sheet agreements
music distribution agreements
music downloading agreements
music library agreements
music library distribution agreements
music license agreements
music licensing agreements
music placement commission agreements
music producer agreements
music production agreements
music production services agreements
music publishing agreements
music publishing rights agreements
music recording agreements
music score agreements
music services agreements
music sync agreements
music sync license agreements
music synch license agreements
music synchronization agreements
music synchronization license agreements
music video agreements
music video license agreements
musical theatre agreements
mutual release agreements
name & likeness agreements
name & likeness release agreements
name & likeness releases
name and likeness agreements
name and likeness release agreements
name and likeness releases
narration agreements
negative pick-up agreements
net profit agreements
net profit points agreements
net profits definitions
network agreements
network news agreements
network production order agreements
network sale agreements
new media agreements
news agreements
news intern agreement
news producer agreements
news production assistant agreements
news programming agreements
newscast agreements
newswriter agreements
new-use matters
non-circumvention agreements
non-compete agreements
non-competition agreements
nondisclosure agreements
non-disclosure agreements
non-disparagement agreements
non-disturbance agreements
non-exclusive agent agreements
non-exclusive agent/artist agreements
non-exclusive artist agreements
non-exclusive content agreements
non-exclusive content license agreements
non-exclusive license agreements
non-poaching agreements
non-solicitation agreements
non-theatrical distribution agreements
notice of ship assignment documentation
novelization agreements
off-Broadway agreements
off-Broadway theatre agreements
off-Broadway theatrical agreements
off-camera narration agreements
off-camera narration services agreements
offering memoranda
official rules drafting
off-off-Broadway agreements
off-off-Broadway theatre agreements
off-off-Broadway theatrical agreements
on-air disc jockey agreements
on-air DJ agreements
on-camera motion picture services agreements
on-camera narration agreements
on-camera narration services agreements
on-camera performer agreements
on-camera performer holding agreements
on-camera talent agreements
on-demand television agreements
one-picture agreements
one-picture license agreements
one-picture theatrical motion picture license agreements
one-sheet agreements
one-sheet design agreements
online agreements
on-line agreements
online subscription agreements
on-line subscription agreements
online sweepstakes agreements
on-line sweepstakes agreements
opening act agreements
opera agreements
operating agreements
opinion letters
option agreements
orchestra agreements
orchestration agreements
orchestration rental agreements
organizational minutes
original cast album agreements
original music score agreements
original music scoring ageements
original score agreements
output agreements
overall deal producer agreements
owner’s representation agreements
P&D agreements
P.R. agreements
P.R.O. agreements
p/f/d agreements
packager agreements
paintings agreements
paperback book publishing agreements
paperback book re-print publishing agreements
paperback publishing agreements
paperback re-print publishing agreements
parade balloons agreements
parade floats agreements
parent company agreements
parental agreements
participant agreements
participant agreements and appearance releases
participation agreements
partnership agreements
party clown agreements
party clown services agreements
pay-or-play agreements
pay-or-play offers
pay-over-the-air agreements
pay-over-the-air television agreements
pay-per-view agreements
pay-per-view broadcast agreements
pay-per-view exhibition agreements
pay-per-view license agreements
pay-per-view rights agreements
pay-per-view television agreements
pay-per-view television license agreements
pay-per-view television rights agreements
pay-per-view TV agreements
pay-per-view TV license agreements
pay-per-view TV rights agreements
payroll services agreements
per diems
performance agreements
performance art agreements
performance bonus agreements
performance rights licensing agreements
performing rights society agreements
periodical agreements
personal appearance agreements
personal appearance release agreements
personal appearance tour agreements
personal guarantees
personal guaranty agreements
personal management agreements
personal release agreements
personal rights release agreements
personal service agreements
personal services agreements
personnel agreements
PFD agreements
pfd agreements
PFD agreements
phone ring tone agreements
phonorecord royalty agreements
photo release agreements
photographer representative agreements
photographer/agent agreements
photographer’s agent agreements
photographic rights agreements
photography agreements
photography license agreements
pick-up footage agreements
pilot agreements
pilot option agreements
pilot talent agreements
pilot teleplay agreements
pilot test agreements
pilot/series agreements
pitch release agreements
player agreements
playwright agreements
podcast agreements
pod-cast agreements
podcast editor agreements
pod-cast editor agreements
podcast producer agreements
pod-cast producer agreements
poetry agreements
polish agreements
portfolio usage agreements
portfolio use agreements
portfolio use matters
possession of masters agreements
poster license agreements
post-production agreements
post-production facilities agreements
post-production facilities and services agreements
post-production lab agreements
post-production laboratory agreements
post-production services agreements
post-production vendor agreements
PPV agreements
PPV rights agreements
PR agreements
premises license agreements
premises rental agreements
premiums agreements
pre-production agreements
prequel agreements
pre-sales agreements
presentation release agreements
press & distribute agreements
press and distribute agreements
press(ing) & distribut(ion) agreements
press(ing) and distribut(ion) agreements
pressing services agreements
principal cast member agreements
print model agreements
private placement memoranda
private placements
prize winner agreements
PRO agreements
producer agreements
producer overall agreements
producer overall deal agreements
producer points agreements
producer sequel agreements
producer services agreements
producer/broadcaster agreements
producer/director agreements
producer/director loan-out agreements
producer/theatre company agreements
producer/theatre company commission agreements
producer/theatre company commission and production agreements
producer/theatre company production agreements
producer's engagement agreements
producer's rep agreements
producer's representative agreements
producer-for-hire agreements
producing agreements
producing and mixing agreements
producing services agreements
product placement agreements
product pressing and distribution agreements
product sale agreements
production accountant agreements
production agreements
production assistant agreements
production company agreements
production company deal memo agreements
production counsel agreements
production counsel services agreements
production crew agreements
production crew employment agreements
production deal agreements
production designer agreements
production lender agreements
production license agreements
production loan agreements
production order agreements
production recording agreements
production services agreements
production supervisor agreements
production, financing, and distribution agreements
program license agreements
programming agreements
project placement agreements
promissory notes
promoter agreements
promotional agreements
promotional and sweepstakes agreements
promotional films agreements
promotional special agreements
property master agreements
proprietary information agreements
proxy agreements
public access agreements
public access television agreements
public performance right agreements
public reading agreements
public relations agreements
public television agreements
publication agreements
publicity agreements
publicity release agreements
publicity services agreements
publisher’s share agreements
publishing agreements
publishing agreements for work-made-for-hire artwork
purchase and sale agreements
purchase orders
qualified investor agreements
query letters
quitclaim agreements
quitclaim bill of sale agreements
rack-jobber agreements
radio agreements
radio broadcast agreements
radio commercial agreements
radio employment agreements
radio programming agreements
radio station agreements
reality programming agreements
reality television agreements
reality television programming agreements
reality television secondary character agreements
reality television talent agreements
reality TV agreements
reality TV programming agreements
reality TV secondary character agreements
reality TV talent agreements
recaptured rights agreements
record company agreements
record label agreements
recording agreements
recording and pressing services agreements
recording artist agreements
recording commitment agreements
recording fund agreements
recording rights agreements
recording session agreements
recoupment agreements
referral commission agreements
regional theatre agreements
registrations of copyrights
Regulation "D" offerings
Regulation "S" offerings
reissue label agreements
reissue music agreements
reissue record agreements
release and settlement agreements
release and waiver of liability agreements
reliance letters
remake agreements
rental agreements
rental and lending agreements
repertory theatre agremeents
replication services agreements
representation agreements
requested material submission agreements
requests for permission to arrange
re-recording restriction agreements
re-release agreements
rerun agreements
reserved rights agreements
residual rights agreements
residuals agreements
restaurant agreements
restricted stock purchase agreements
results and proceeds agreements
re-use agreements
revenue participation agreements
revenue-sharing agreements
reversion agreements
rewrite agreements
right of first negotiation agreements
right of first refusal agreements
right of last negotiation agreements
right of last refusal agreements
rights agreements
rights re-purchase agreements
ring tone agreements
ring tone composition agreements
ring tone composition services agreements
ringtone agreements
ringtone composition agreements
ringtone composition services agreements
road manager agreements
rock concert agreements
rock concert footage agreements
rock concert promoter agreements
royalty accounting agreements
royalty agreements
royalty payment letters of direction
Rule 1 determinations
Rule 500 offerings
Rule 504 offerings
Rule 505 offerings
Rule 506 offerings
runway model agreements
SAG agreements (now, "SAG/AFTRA")
SAG/AFTRA assumption agreements
SAG/AFTRA experimental film agreements
SAG/AFTRA experimental film letter agreements
SAG/AFTRA film agreements
SAG/AFTRA industrial/educational film agreements
SAG/AFTRA motion picture agreements
SAG/AFTRA security agreements
SAG/AFTRA television agreements
SAG/AFTRA television commercial agreements
SAG/AFTRA television commercials agency agreements
sale agreements
sale and quitclaim agreements
sales agency agreements
sales agent agreements
sales commission agreements
sales rep agreements
sales representative agreements
sample and clearance agreements
sample and clearance agreements with publishers
sample and clearance agreements with record labels
sample clearance agreements
sample license agreements
sample recording agreements
sampling agreements
satellite agreements
satellite communication agreements
satellite radio agreements
satellite television agreements
score agreements
scoring agreements
scoring services agreements
Screen Actors Guild agreements (now "SAG/AFTRA")
screen credit agreements
screenplay agreements
screenplay assignment agreements
screenplay clearance agreements
screenplay contribution agreements
screenplay option agreements
screenplay option/purchase agreements
screenplay placement agreements
screenplay polish agreements
screenplay publishing agreements
screenplay purchase agreements
screenplay rewrite agreements
screenplay rights acquisition agreements
screenplay rights agreements
screenplay rights option agreements
screenplay rights option and acquisition agreements
screenplay submission agreements
screenplay-shopping agreements
screenwriter agreements
screenwriter polish agreements
screenwriter rewrite agreements
screenwriting agreements
script clearance agreements
script clearances
script option agreements
script placement agreements
script purchase agreements
script shopping agreements
script software agreements
script submission agremeents
script-shopping agreements
second assistant cameraman agreements
second assistant cameraperson agreements
secondary rights agreements
Section 1244 elections
Section 4(2) offerings
secured transaction agreements
securities offerings
security agreements
security agreements and mortgages of copyright
security agreements and mortgages of rights
security agreements and mortgages of rights including copyright
self-publishing agreements
sell-off agreements
separation agreements
separation and release agreements
sequel agreements
serialization agreements
service mark agreements
SESAC agreements
session agreements
session music agreements
session musician agreements
session musician and on-camera services agreements
session musician long-form agreements
session musician services agreements
session musician work-for-hire agreements
settlement agreements
settlement and release agreements
severance agreements
severance package agreements
SFX agreements
shareholder agreements
shareholders agreements
sheet music agreements
sheet music royalty agreements
shopping agreements
short-form agreements
short-form assignment agreements
short-form option agreements
show submission agreements
showroom model agreements
side artist agreements
side letter agreements
side man agreements
signing bonus agreements
simulcast agreements
singer agreements
singer services agreements
single song agreements
single song assignment agreements
single song publishing agreements
soccer agreements
social media agreements
social media marketing agreements
Society of European Stage Authors and Composers agreements
softcover book publishing agreements
softcover publishing agreements
softcover reprint agreements
software agreements
software developer agreements
software license agreements
software licensing agreements
song acquisition agreements
song agreements
song collaboration agreements
song promoter agreements
song-plugger agreements
song-plugging agreements
songwriter agreements
songwriter royalty agreements
songwriter royalty split agreements
songwriter split agreements
songwriter/artist agreements
songwriter/band agreements
songwriter/label agreements
songwriter/publisher agreements
songwriting agreements
songwriting royalty agreements
songwriting royalty split agreements
songwriting split agreements
sophisticated investor agreements
sound design agreements
sound effects agreements
sound recording agreements
SoundExchange agreements
soundtrack agreements
soundtrack album agreements
soundtrack album compilation agreements
soundtrack album distribution agreements
soundtrack compilation agreements
soundtrack distribution agreements
speaking-engagement agreements
special-effects agreements
sponsor agreements
sponsorship agreements
sponsorship development services agreements
sports agreements
sports licensing agreements
sportscaster agreements
sportswriter agreements
staff agreements
staff songwriter agreements
staff songwriting agreements
stage rights agreements
stagehand agreements
staging agreements
stand-in agreements
start-up business agreements
start-up entity agreements
station manager agreements
step deal agreements
stepout agreements
stepout performance agreements
still photo agreements
still photo and trademark license agreements
still photo license agreements
stock agreements
stock footage agreements
stock footage licensing agreements
stock option agreements
stock photo agreements
stock photo archive agreements
stock photo license agreements
stock photography agreements
stock photography archive agreements
stock photography license agreements
stock purchase agreements
stock transfer agreements
stock transfer restriction agreements
stockholder agreements
stockholders agreements
storage agreements
storage locker agreements
story agreements
story consultant agreements
strategic alliance agreements
streaming agreements
stunt man agreements
stunt person agreements
stunt woman agreements
stunt work agreements
stunt-double agreements
sub-agent agreements
Subchapter-S elections
submission agreements
submission letters
submission release agreements
submitted material agreements
subordination agreements
subpublication agreements
subpublication solicitation agreements
subpublishing agreements
sub-publishing agreements
subrights agreements
subscription agreements
subsidiaries agreements
subsidiary agreements
subsidiary rights agreements
subsidized publishing agreements
subtitling agreements
sub-titling agreements
summer stock agreements
summer stock theatre agreements
supporting cast agreements
supporting cast member agreements
sweepstakes agreements
sweepstakes checklists
sweepstakes rules agreements
swing agreements
symphony agreements
sync license agreements
synch license agreements
synchronization and master license agreements
synchronization and master sound recording agreements
synchronization and master sound recording license agreements
synchronization and performing license agreements
synchronization license agreements
syndication agreements
takedown notices
talent agreements
talent and business attachment agreements
talent attachment letters
talent attachments
talent personal management agreements
talent pilot agreements
talent services agreements
talent TV pilot agreements
talk show agreements
talk show appearance agreements
taping agreements
Teamsters agreements
telephone ring tone agreements
teleplay agreements
teleplay assignment agreements
teleplay clearance agreements
teleplay clearances
teleplay contribution agreements
teleplay development agreements
teleplay development and writing services agreements
teleplay option agreements
teleplay option/purchase agreements
teleplay placement agreements
teleplay polish agreements
teleplay publishing agreements
teleplay purchase agreements
teleplay rewrite agreements
teleplay rights acquisition agreements
teleplay rights agreements
teleplay rights option agreements
teleplay rights option and acquisition agreements
teleplay submission agreements
teleplay writer agreements
teleplay writing services agreements
teleplay-shopping agreements
television agreements
television broadcast agreements
television broadcast rights agreements
television commercials agreements
television commercials assumption agreements
television commercials transfer of rights assumption agreements
television coproduction agreements
television co-production agreements
television crew agreements
television development agreements
television host agreements
television near-video-on-demand agreements
television network agreements
television performer agreements
television pilot agreements
television pilot option agreements
television pilot test option agreements
television producer agreements
television production agreements
television program downloading agreements
television series agreements
television station asset-purchase agreements
television station purchase agreements
television subscription agreements
television subscription video-on-demand agreements
television syndication agreements
television version agreements
television video-on-demand agreements
television writing services agreements
tennis agreements
termination agreements
terminations of transfers
terms of service agreements
terms of use agreements
terrestrial radio agreements
territorial split agreements
territory manager agreements
theatre agreements
theatre festival agreements
theatre license agreements
theatre option agreements
theatrical agreements
theatrical exhibition agreements
theatrical exhibition license agreements
theatrical license agreements
theatrical option agreements
theatrical production agreements
theatrical production investment agreements
theatrical showcase agreements
theatrical workshop agreements
theme music agreements
theme park agreements
theme park ride agreements
third-party-beneficiary agreements
Thomson & Thomson reports
three-dimensional model agreements
ticketing system agreements
title reports
TOS agreements
TOU agreements
tour agreements
tour manager agreements
tour support agreements
touring agreements
touring musician agreements
touring receipts agreements
tracks agreements
trade credit agreements
trade secret agreements
trade show agreements
trademark license agreements
trademark registrations
trademark searches
traffic reporter agreements
trailer agreements
trailer production agreements
trailer production services agreements
transfer agreements
translation agreements
trapeze artist agreements
tryout production agreements
turnaround agreements
turn-around agreements
TV agreements
TV broadcast agreements
TV broadcast rights agreements
TV commercial agreements
TV commercials agreements
TV commercials assumption agreements
TV commercials transfer of rights assumption agreements
TV coproduction agreements
TV co-production agreements
TV crew agreements
TV development agreements
TV host agreements
TV near-video-on-demand agreements
TV network agreements
TV performer agreements
TV pilot agreements
TV pilot option agreements
TV pilot test option agreements
TV producer agreements
TV production agreements
TV program downloading agreements
TV series agreements
TV station asset-purchase agreements
TV station purchase agreements
TV subscription agreements
TV subscription video-on-demand agreements
TV syndication agreements
TV version agreements
TV video-on-demand agreements
U.S. Copyright Office filings
U-7/SCOR offerings
UCC searches
underbed music score agreements
underlying rights agreements
uniform model release agreements
union agreements
union assumption agreements
union/producer agreements
union/theatre agreements
unit production manager agreements
unit publicist agreements
unscripted material agreements
unscripted material release agreements
unscripted material submission release agreements
unsecured promissory notes
UPM agreements
URL registrations
user agreements
USPTO filings
venue use agreements
venue use and rental agreements
video agreements
video development agreements
video development and license agreements
video distribution agreements
video game agreements
video game development agreements
video game voice-over agreements
video game voice-over services agreements
video production agreements
video recording agreements
video recording services agreements
videographed content agreements
video-on-demand agreements
VIP ticketing agreements
vocalist agreements
vocalist services agreements
VOD agreements
voice-over agreements
waiver agreements
wardrobe agreements
wardrobe mistress agreements
web developer agreements
web-developer agreements
website development agreements
website host agreements
website hosting agreements
WGA agreements
work for hire agreements
work made for hire agreements
work-for-hire agreements
work-made-for-hire agreements
worldwide rights agreements
wrestling agreements
writer agreements
writer collaboration agreements
writer work-for-hire agreements
writer’s theatrical short-form agreements
writer-for-hire agreements
Writers Guild of America agreements
writing services agreements
writing team agreements
writing team services agreements
written agreements among band members
young adult book agreements
young adult book publishing agreements

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